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Education management simplified using Linways AMS

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Technology integration in education is definitely a major trend now. More and more educational institutions are opting for technology platforms and content delivery mechanisms to simplify their education. Automation and technology integration in education is so well perceived by academicians and experts that it will almost be elementary in the future of education. Every classroom will have some kind of technology integrated to ease the process of content delivery and course management.


  • Simplifying mundane tasks with technology like report generation and course management opens up time and space for the faculty to focus more on academics.
  • The institutional management can have better insights over the course and can now easily manage and adapt to new updates using Linways AMS.
  • The students get their course materials delivered online and can do much more now that they have a communication module that gives them more opportunity.

There are multiple ways Linways AMS simplifies daily institutional activities. We’ll begin with admissions.


The process of streamlining admissions, though does not directly come under core academics, holds high value. Admission process starts from the institution inviting application through an online portal. This provides a great benefit for the students because they can apply remotely without having to collect forms, fill them up, and turn up at the institution on a fixed date only to stand in queue and submit the application. Everything from submission of the application till payment of the application fee can be done online through one integrated platform. Linways has also incorporated online entrance exams for the convenience of shortlisting students.

However, the huge upside of having an academic management system instead of just an admission platform is that the management can instantly create batches and assign faculty after the admission process. They can take on from there to adding timetable, creating course plans, and defining course outcomes.

Planning & Strategy

Course plans are important for every higher educational institution. Outcome-Based Education is highly preferred by the regulatory authorities while defining the quality standards and even accreditation organizations as the NBA and NAAC use it.

So with Linways, the faculty can create a course plan simply by adding course topics and the system will generate the proposed plan for them with the click of a button. The faculty can also keep on updating their daily work log as an actual plan, and can compare the daily progress with their proposed plan for better insights.

Besides the management perspective, Linways is firmly founded on academic modules like pedagogies and rubrics that’d assist teachers and the institution to improve the quality of education. Linways helps to implement Blended learning, OBE, Student Based Learning, Bloom’s taxonomy, etc.

Data management & Communication

For any educational institution, managing data is always an issue. Traditionally, everyone used to save data in papers, stacking up files over files. This is highly inefficient and only contribute to slow down the entire workflow.

Linways AMS serves as an easy to use data management solution for colleges. Every student and faculty information would be already in it. So report generation and accessibility is easy.

Linways AMS treats the batch as a community and the teacher as its moderator.

Teachers can communicate with their batch as a whole and to the students individually through Linways communication module. Teachers can post important notifications and updates related to their course and exams through the system and the students get a notification in their system. This way, we can make sure that nobody misses out on anything important due to the lack of proper communication.

The students can also submit their exam applications and assignments through linways. The teachers can easily access and evaluate them through Linways AMS and publish marks. So the whole process is fluidic and hassle-free.

Linways exists to make education better.

We continuously build new functionalities and improve usability to make our Academic Management System adaptable and easier to use. We collect feedback from teachers and academic management to learn about the problems we face in delivering quality education. Linways academic management platform is built to resolve those problems and make education better for every stakeholder including the management, teachers, students, and parents.

Here’s a link to our website where you can learn more about Linways Academic Management System and it’s features that would help your institution to easily manage academics and education:

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