The successful teacher is no longer on a height, pumping knowledge at high pressure into passive receptacles. He is a senior student anxious to help his juniors- Sir William Osler


Now before we begin; this blog series we are publishing are the insights and findings of the the research we have been conducting over the past few months. It is on the recent trends of education in India. And it would have been nearly impossible for us to complete it, without the help of some of the elite minds in Indian education, who have helped us along the way. There are so many of them, and we couldn’t say all of their names here, for a bunch of reasons. But that doesn’t make us owe any less.

So, we would like to take this space between lines to thank them for what they have done.

And please don’t forget to check out our previous blogs on this series, if you haven’t already.


And coming back; we have been talking about the NBA and its accreditation for some time now.

Maybe it’s time we take the rest of the world into consideration too.

All those steps and criteria and processes that helps your institution get the NBA accreditation (which we have been explaining through our previous blogs) are necessary. And we do need a unified set of plans or a system like ours to do it.

But these accreditation processes are not new!. The outcome based education, continuous evaluation, and other quality control systems were not something developed for the sole matter of accreditation. These systems are the works of the educational experts who envisioned the future of our education.

So, implementing a system to check the quality offered by the program, and making sure that the students will have the skills and knowledge go get employed is still worth it right? That is, these steps and processes can be successfully administered to grab amazing results; even if it’s not for an accreditation.

Having a process running on the back end, only to make sure that your institution sticks to the plan and improve on the run seems like a pretty good idea.

Like such a system that would make sure that the quality improves. Something that would help you track the regular outcomes of the program and help you set the goals and outcomes that the program needs to achieve. It does has its perks.


Such quality-control systems can implement some serious career-relevant methods into the whole program, for one thing to say. This will get the students to grab placements and make sure that the programs the institution offers certain value to the society.

A system that care about:

  • Continues evaluation,
  • Designing the curriculum based on the outcomes the program needs to achieve,
  • Introducing the self evaluation methods etc…

Could have such major impacts on an institution and the programs it offers. As you would know, the need of the industry is always something to look out for. The employability of the students who completes the program depends on it. And, it is also a unit of measure for the credibility of the program.

Such quality measures and career oriented planning helps to convince and bring-in some ‘industry participation’ and placements into the institution.

They can be mapped to the courses in the curriculum!!.

Setting certain course/program outcomes and choosing objectives the program needs to achieve all can be mapped to the curriculum and can be calculated using such evaluation methods or by making use of technology like Linways AMS.

Which means;

  • The students can make sure that their education gives them necessary skills required for the competitive world out there; both for employable reasons, or for higher studies.
  • The management of the institution can be happy that their institution offers quality education and the credibility among the society.
  • The faculties are benefited with these system as they undergo continuous improvement through the faculty training programs. And their resources are constantly updated they get to teach the students the best of what they have to offer.
  • And the parents’ would know that their children gets better education and wouldn’t have to be concerned about their future.

Trying these methods out in an institution doesn’t seems like a bad idea now, does it?

Yes. Assuring quality and credibility is certain to raise the standards and extending the reach of an institution.

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