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Online Admission Management System

An effective online admission management system not only shifts the admission process online. It makes the procedure simple for the administrators, reduces time and cost, and increases the number of applicants. The management must pay attention to detail while selecting the right online admission management system for the institution.

But what are the qualities of a good college admission management software?


Linways Admission Management System

Increase admissions, reach out to the best students, reduce cost, say bye to stress - be it whatever you are looking for, Linways Admission Management Software is the solution. There are a lot of online admission management system tools available in the industry, but choosing and applying the best one is not easy. Linways Admission software is one of the best online college admission management system that helps educational institutions manage the student enrollment process effortlessly. It lets admission teams capture student inquiries, check their eligibility, follow up, collect documents, and complete the application process digitally. The admission management system also allows students to apply online, check their application status, submit documents and pay fees online without much time and effort.

The admission cycle is long and tedious. From student lead generation, document collection, selection, and admissions – everything involves a lot of paperwork and stress. Digital solutions for admission management such as Linways Admission management system make the admission process easy and more accurate.

Secure your Admission process with Linways!

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Salient Features of Linways Admission Management System


Custom Admission Forms


Custom Admission Workflows


Seamless Integration With AMS


Automatic Rank List Generation


Intimation SMS / Email


Application Management


Certificate Verification


Custom Report


Why do you need an Admission Management System?

Admission management is a core function in any institution. It is one of the major factors that determine the success of the college. Reaching out to the best students during admissions benefits the institution during accreditation, ranking, placements, and more. Also, the higher the number of admissions, the higher will be the revenue.

With an effective admission management system like Linways, you can automate your admission process. Thereby, your institution can reach out to more students without any barriers. This will positively impact the number of admissions.The right students can be identified using an admission platform like Linways that supports the effective conducting of entrance exams and other eligibility criteria.

Needless to say, managing the admission process manually is tiresome and complex. You can save a lot of time, energy, and money with the right admission management software.

Let's look at some notable Advantages of Linways Admission Management System

Advantages of Linways Admission Management Software

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  • Ensure Eligibility of Candidates
  • Track Admission Process
  • Eliminates Hectic Paper Works for Admission Managers
  • Enhance Applicant Experience
  • Enhance Counselor Productivity
  • Generate Real-time Reports.
  • Accurate and Reliable
  • Dynamic and User friendly
  • No Geographical Boundary


Brief Overview of Linways Admission Work Flow

Linways Admission Management System
  • Admission Form creation
  • Publishing the Admission form.
  • Applicant registration.
  • Email / SMS with login credentials sent to the registered applicant.
  • Apply for required application with required course.
  • Upload the required documents.
  • Application fee payment is done.
  • Email / SMS intimation is sent to the applicant with the generated application number.
  • Applicant details are made available on the admin side for processing.
  • Applications are processed through different stages(Certificate Verification, Interview Scheduling, GD etc) in the admin side.
  • Verified applicants are admitted.
  • Applicants are provided with an option to pay academic fees online from the applicant's side.
  • Applicants are added to the corresponding batch in Linways AMS.

Admission Management can be a tedious process. Simplify it with the most reliable and trusted Admission Management System!


The world has went online !!

Keeping up with the shifting technological standards and the 'Internet of Things' is the growing need of the hour for colleges.

Streamline your whole admission management process and reduce unnecessary overheads with our state-of-the-art Admission Management System for colleges.


Automate your Admission process and Boost your institution's productivity with Linways Admission Management System.



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