4 features of Linways LMS that make it perfect for nurturing adaptive learning.

Adaptive learning or adaptive teaching is essentially a teaching mechanism. The teacher uses technology-assisted insights and analytics to improvise and update their teaching styles as the curriculum moves forward. This way, the teacher can learn about student’s learning efficiency, their unique needs, and offer customized course delivery for the best experience.

Adaptive learning is about making learning personal. It enables educators to help their students learn better and achieve learning outcomes through personalization. As both teachers and students usually use some kind of learning management software for adaptive learning, the teachers can analyze the data and understand each student’s individual needs better than ever.

Here’s how Linways LMS helps you create a seamless learning experience using adaptive learning in your institutions.

1. Simplify the administration.

Linways LMS helps teachers to streamline their daily tasks like attendance, report creation, curating data, etc. So this way, teachers can focus on their teaching techniques, learning theories, student learning behaviors, curriculum, etc. This ensures quality in teaching-learning, and thus leaves more room to try out various techniques and teaching strategies for adaptive learning

2. Data-driven decision making.

Since Linways hosts a full-fledged academics management solution, all the necessary data that teachers need is always available in the preferred formats. So if a teacher wants to try out adaptive learning strategies in their classrooms, they can easily do it with the backup of insightful information that can be accessed anytime.

3. Teaching and learning

Linways LMS is a complete learning management platform with a prime focus on learning. It empowers teachers with the ability to try out various modes of teaching techniques and collect valuable information from those trials. This helps teachers to successfully implement adaptive learning using Linways LMS. Linways supports advanced pedagogy practices like the flipped classroom, outcome-based education, choice-based learning, etc

4. Planning and execution.

Linways offers you a lesson plan feature that enables teachers to create a curriculum plan. They can also follow it up with the actual schedule which reflects the changes and adaptations as the course moves forward. So there is always a clear picture of the curriculum and the teaching strategy ready at all times. When it comes to execution, it’s very easy to communicate through Linways with your students and peers. Teachers can share the coursewares, lectures, documents, presentations, etc. through the platform which supports adaptive teaching

Teachers having clarity about everyone’s strengths and weaknesses can reduce valuable time off of conventional lecturing, especially with a larger number of students and various learning spectrum of different students. Adaptive learning helps the teacher to immediately assess where their students are struggling and, more importantly, which of their teaching strategies are helping them to improve.

As students use adaptive learning-based software like Linways LMS, teachers can analyze the data and better understand each student’s individualized needs. Figuring out everyone’s strengths and weaknesses can take weeks, if not months of one-on-one tutoring. With adaptive learning, teachers can immediately see where students are struggling and, more importantly, which methods of teaching are helping them improve and master the material.

Linways is an all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates every academics workflow from admissions, fee collection, academics, departments, batches, custom-tailored curriculum, assessments, report generation, resource management, digital library, and document repository. So check out this link to learn more about Linways. Or if you are interested to read more articles like this one to learn more, you can subscribe here, and we’ll send out the latest blogs to your inbox every week.

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