In an educational institution the admission process is the most significant phase in an academic year. It is a process that shapes the future of an institution and its achievements. For an admission process to be successful reaching out to the maximum number of students, driving them to the process, and finding the right prospects is very important.

Triumph the success and quality of your institution and make the students rush to join you

Let’s have a look at some of the 5 vital steps that can help an educational institution to attract more students to the admissions process :

1. Providing student-focused information

Ahead of starting the admission process a numerous doubts and dilemmas arise in the minds of students. The doubts arising can vary from which the right course for them, course structure to the job and higher studies opportunities. At this stage, if an institution is capable of addressing the concerns of students in an effective manner, more students will find the institution more appealing for them and they will have an interest in joining the institute also they will refer the same to their peers.

Some of the effective methods to provide student-centric information include :

  • Publishing articles about the institution, courses, and its scope.
  • Creating video contents of various events held.
  • Hosting Webinars.
  • Providing admission counseling.

2. Sharing Success stories of institution

Success stories of an institution give students an insight into the quality of education and opportunities provided on the campus. The success stories can be shared with students through various professionals platforms like LinkedIn and other social media.

3. Engaging Alumni in the admissions process.

Alumni can always act as admission ambassadors representing their alma maters.

Involving alumni volunteers in admission counseling and webinars. The wealth of knowledge and experience alumni can provide from their days of studying and time since graduating will greatly help the perspectives. Engaging alumni in the admission process will add more authenticity and also the perspectives would be more interested in hearing from them.  

4. Hosting Free Cost  Aptitude Test

Conducting a free aptitude test is a process that will be helpful for both the students and the institution. Aptitude tests and post counseling help the students to understand their strengths as well as point of improvement. The institution will also get a clear picture of the course that fits right for a student. Numerous students will also show up towards such activities as it greatly helps them in making their right higher education choice. The test can be performed remotely using different Online Examination tools so that students can attend the test from anywhere using their mobiles, tablets, PC.

5. Using Right Online Admission Tool

One of the best methods to provide possibilities for students across the world to apply to your institution is by using the right Online Admission tool. In Linways Admission Management System the following features are incorporated to make the admission process efficient :

  • Linways admission analytical chart sample-

    Following are some of the key features of Linways Admission Module : 
  • Course-specific forms can be designed. 
  • Applicants can fill their online inquiry form in a single step.
  •  Institutions can do online admission counseling.
  • Online document verification process.
  • Online fee collection. 
  • Online allotment.
  • Unlimited admission reports.
  • Inbuilt analytical tools are incorporated within the system which helps the institutions to make informed decisions.

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