If teaching is an art, keeping the students engaged is the craft of that art.

In the post-COVID scenario, student engagement and student-centric learning are going to play huge roles in the education industry. We have opened up new avenues and strategies and models in the teaching-learning process and there’s no going back now. The digital is here, and it will shape education for the decades to come.

In this context, keeping the student engagement within the classrooms can define a teacher’s skill and an institution’s competitive edge over the industry. Student engagement is crucial for both in and outside the classroom.

There is also the abundance of digital distractions and alternative sources of information always accessible within a click. So the teacher’s job only becomes all the more important.

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In this article, we are discussing some features of Linways LMS that can boost student engagement with the help of technology. Now before we begin, Linways LMS is a complete platform that can transform the entire teaching and learning processes into the digital. It reduces the teacher’s workload and makes workflows more streamlined and efficient. You can learn more about Linways LMS and it’s cool features in this blog, or you can head over to our website directly and schedule a guided tour of the platform here.

How does Linways LMS improve student engagement in the classroom?


Linways is cloud-based and always accessible. This makes it easy for students to reach out to their teachers to interact with the learning materials anytime and anywhere. Having a reliable technology platform at their disposal helps the student with a sense of security and commitment towards their learning outcomes. We have discussed this earlier in our blog about distractions, if the students have to search and comb through files of the internet to find some info, it’s easy to lose focus. So Linways has made it easy to store relevant information in an accessible and organized way.


Linways supports outcome-based learning. This helps students and teacher’s to set goals or outcomes at the beginning of the course and follow up based on real-time data on performance and curriculum. A student can access their profile, and view their semester/annual stats, how they have scored in various assessments, etc. This offers a sense of purpose and direction which can boost their commitment and hence the engagement in the learning process.

The Online-offline divide.

No matter how great a technology is, it can never replace a teacher. So instead of offering the student or teacher full control, we have created a virtual learning environment that resembles the classroom in the virtual space. This gives the students a feeling of collective self while maintaining their unique identity within the platform. Linways has set up discussion forums, assignment and exam modules, comment sections, feedback forms, etc. to boost the student-teacher interactions. Teachers can also communicate directly with their students using a message box. All these combine to create a digital classroom beyond the walls of the physical classroom. In a way, students and teachers are always connected and in sync even when they are not together.

Using edtech platforms and tools like Linways can help you manage online classrooms, and run your institution virtually. Linways is specifically built to ensure student engagement and simplify the teacher’s workload so there’s always room for quality improvement. Linways also helps with boosting student engagement with each of these tips we’ve mentioned above.

The world of education is becoming more and more digitized. So every teacher should be equipped with basic skills and expertise to survive in the digital world. Let us know how you relate to these tips to engage students in an online classroom. Also, add your own versions of tips to boost student engagement.

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