Digital education definitely has it’s perks. We have spoken a lot about online learning and the impact of technology on education in our previous blogs. But this time, we are going to explore a different perspective. Digital distractions. It’s one of the biggest ironies of the 21st century that we save a lot of time using technology only to spend it back in the same.

As digital education becomes more and more prevalent, we need to equip our students and teachers with the right knowledge and skills to make the most out of this technology-enhanced era of education

So without further ado, let’s dive straight into it. Here are some useful tips and tricks to reduce digital distractions and improve the focus of students in digital classrooms.

To-do-lists and calendars

Keep track of your schedule and make sure that you stick to it using simple to-do lists and calendar apps. If you already have a learning-related calendar inside your learning management system, you can use it to stay ahead of schedule and keep the focus on things that matter

Digital morality and literacy

As we use technology to manage education, it is also important to teach students about morality and ethics in the digital world. We need to teach our students that not every piece of information, updates, of texts are equally important but their value means more. 

Reward for focus

Choose the main distractions and set goals to keep away from them while you are teaching/studying. Assign some arbitrary rewards for yourselves when you achieve that goal. This may seem elementary and simple but it works most of the time. Besides, the habit that you keep building this way will eventually become your lifestyle, and avoiding distractions will become easier and easier

Select the tools and platforms carefully.

Before you start, choose the tools you want to use for online education. If there’s a learning management platform like Linways in your institution, you can almost do everything besides an internet search through that. Teachers can share coursewares, videos, etc. and students can access them without having to use youtube or other social media. This keeps the distractions at bay

Adjust or turn off notifications.

At least during your learning hours, keep the notifications on silent. Remember, your smartphones and social media apps are designed to increase your time spent on them. So it takes more effort and keeping them in the oblivion helps

Schedule breaks. 

Everything, even education can be exhausting in long hours. So schedule breaks and timeslots to use social media. This gives a sense of satisfaction and boosts that you might need to continue.

Organize your stuff.

One key strategy to eliminate distractions is to keep everything organized and in reach. The more time you spend around various places to search, the more stuff you see that can distract you. So if you can have a single tool or platform like Linways LMS to keep all your learning-related information, schedules, data, course materials, etc., use it. Never having to leave this platform means fewer distractions

So we hope these tips are helpful. Remember, all the apps are constantly is competing for your attention. So it takes a lot of effort and support from the teacher to avoid those. Let’s teach our students about focus and how to effectively spend their time on the digital realm responsibly. 

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