Technology integration is the key to quality assurance in education. Many experts have said it before and the data proves it. To that end, we, Linways technologies have been talking with teachers, academic experts, institutional management personnel, etc. to learn about how technology can provide better solutions to cater to quality education. In our previous blog, we discussed how Linways Academic Management System helps to simplify education management. So to pick it up where we left off, we’ll discuss academic workflows and how Linways Academic Management System helps institutions to manage education.

To begin with, we have written previously about how project management and workflow creation will benefit education. So we’ll just refer you there if you’d like to know more about it. Here are some key areas where we have mastered the technology to help colleges, universities, and other higher educational institutions in their quest to deliver quality education.

Academics workflow creation

  • Faculty benefits
  • Mundane tasks made easy
  • Define roles for various levels of hierarchy

Faculty benefits

With Linways AMS, the faculty can easily organize and manage their whole academic workflow easily. They can create a proposed plan, and follow it up with an actual plan that provides valuable insights about their course progression. To make everything easy to use, we have created these plans as calendars. They can simply click on a date to select it, and enter their plans for the day. They’ll receive notifications and reports that the system automatically generates to help them keep track of everything.

Proposed Plan for faculty to create a roadmap of the course.

Linways AMS can also improve faculty interactions with students. We consider the education system to be an ecosystem where the faculty is its moderator. He/She has to carefully nurture and cater to the students for them to grow and achieve the results. Keeping this in mind, we have designed the AMS to make the student-teacher interactions easier. There are communication modules where the teacher can send important messages and notification to students regardless of the time and place. This helps teachers to communicate with their students, even if they’re not physically present. It also makes sure that the students do not miss out on anything important if they somehow couldn’t manage to attend the class.

An online quiz is another great option that made our system such a huge hit among faculty. The teacher can announce the quiz through the system, provide a specific time interval for the students to attend, and publish the marks online. Since the teacher sets the time for the quiz, we can make sure that there are no malpractices or unnecessary confusion.

Online quiz

Mundane tasks made easy

Another great feature is the online assignments and surveys. The faculty can announce quizzes, assignments, and conduct them online easily for internal assessments. Students can even submit their assignments online. Also, management can take student satisfaction surveys and faculty evaluations to ensure the well-being of the students.

When we talk with teachers to find out about their problems, the most common issue is often an unnecessary workload. The teacher has to collect data, create reports, keep track to various excel sheets, etc. just to accurately measure student performance and for creating compliance reports. To solve this problem, we have built a custom report engine that’d create any report they might need with the click of a button. Since the data are already in the system, the AMS can easily create reports in the right format as the institution needs.

Reports for the faculty for valuable insights

This feature is really helpful to create university reports, auditing files, accreditation reports etc.

Creating question papers is always a huge headache for most faculty that we’ve talked with. So to provide an efficient solution for this, we’ve incorporated question paper generation in the Academic Management System. Here’s how it works.

The teacher enters the questions into the system that would essentially create a question pool. They can also provide the answers or keys for future references. Then, they select questions that they like to put into the question papers by simply clicking on it. The teacher can also map these questions to their respective course outcomes to measure and track their achievement., thereby also implementing a healthy practice of Outcome-Based Education.

Define roles for various levels of hierarchy.

To make the workflow easier, the institution can create various roles and define responsibilities inside the institution. For instance, there are multiple layers of accounts inside an institution: The regular faculty who has to manage the subjects he/she takes, the group Tutor/Staff adviser who is in charge of the batch, whereas the HoD, as you already know, manages the whole department, and the Principal/Director who is in charge of the institution.

We have also included a state-of-the-art communication module for every stakeholder inside the institution. The faculty can communicate with the students and the management through Linways AMS. This helps to keep everyone in the loop without having to sacrifice so much of their time with long meetings. Whatever they want to communicate, they can simply say through the system. However, we know a simple chatting platform might not do for serving the needs of an entire institution. So we have made it to be more like an email platform where they could also transfer attachments and files. So if the management wants a certain report which a faculty has, they can easily forward it through Linways.

Communication module

These are just some of the amazing features of Linways AMS. We have developed this based on extensive research and continuous feedback from teachers, management boards, and other stakeholders. This is why AMS is very easy to adapt to all kinds of educational environments. So to help you learn more about this amazing tool for educational institutions, we will be back with better features, newer updates, and easier workflows. As we always say, we’re here to improve the way the world is learning with the help of technology.

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