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When it comes to institutional management, fee management software is one of the major as well as the most complex tasks. It is crucial to effectively manage fees to ensure the inflow of revenue and allocation of funds. A minor miscalculation or wrong data entry can cause the institution a lot. Linways Fee Management Software is the best solution for that.

The traditional fee management system process is long and tiresome. It requires a big deal of time, cost, and manpower. Needless to say, the long queues, complex accounting, and hours of work are difficult for the administrators, the students, and also the parents.

What if there was a solution that could simplify the fee collection management software with reduced costs and increased efficiency and could make the process easy for the staff as well as students? Well, Linways Fee management software is the answer to that.

Linways Fee management software is a comprehensive platform that streamlines your institution’s fee management system. You can solve all your fee collection and accounting challenges with this single module. It ensures limitless possibilities for the institution by uniting all your fee collection & management requirements into one centralized platform.

fee collection management system

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fee collection management system
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Features of Linways Fee Management Software:

Some of the salient features of Linways fee collection management system that stand tall are :

  1. Flexible reports & Dashboards :

    Customize and create various reports related to fee collection and payment modes. Keep track of your fee headers and organize administration in your institution.

  2. Collect fees in multiple modes :

    Make use of online transactions, record cash payments, generate receipts, etc…

  3. Fee Assignment :

    Differentiate and organize each fee header and assign them to their designated batches for smooth and easy workflow.

  4. Concession/Scholarship Management :

    Create various concessions and scholarships in addition to regular fees for a better overview.

  5. Manage your Recurring Fees:

    Set recurring fee headers like hostel fee, transportation fee, canteen fee, etc. to automate and streamline the fee collection.

  6. Refund Management :

    Add money to the wallet for payments and deposit refunds or reimbursements directly without having to go through the student’s bank details every time.

7. Instalments :

Create various Instalments of payments by setting a fixed amount or a minimum amount, which can be restricted by date range if needed.

8. Data migration :

The previously collected fee details can be imported into our system by uploading the excel sheet.

These are just a few features of Linways Fee Management Software. We are excited to show you more in a detailed demo of the platform.

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