Apply Pomodoro Technique and make teaching-learning more productive.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”
– Paul J. Meyer

Nowadays the learning community faces difficulties in prioritizing their tasks and meeting deadlines amidst the number of distractions around them. On the other hand, some may invest a lot of time indulging in the teaching-learning process and end up being so stressed. 

Achieving productivity is never an easy task for anyone so let’s look at an effective technique that brings out the productivity beast in us and do miracles in our teaching-learning process: i.e The  Pomodoro Technique .

What is Pomodoro?

Pomodoro in Italian word means a tomato. Now you might be wondering what has a tomato to do with productivity.

Pomodoro is an effective time management system that helps us to have focused work or study sessions with frequent short breaks to maintain sustained concentration and drive off mental stress and fatigue.

Pomodoro technique was found in the late 1980s by a university student Francesco Cirillo who was finding it difficult to focus on studies. As an attempt he tried himself to focus to 10 minutes in studies avoiding all distractions, for this he used a kitchen timer in the shape of a tomato, and thus the Pomodoro technique was born !!

Now we have got an idea of what Pomodoro is, yet we need to know more about practicing it.

So let’s see the simple plan to execute the Pomodoro

Step 1: Select a portion you need to learn or a task you want to perform.

Step 2 : Set a 25-minute countdown timer.

Step 3 : Work on the task until the countdown is over.

Step 4 :  After every 4 Pomodoros take a 15 to 30 min break.

Still not ready to take up a Pomodoro.? 

Staying motivated and combating distractions are also very important while doing a task or studying. So during the Pomodoro time, stick to the timer and reward yourself with a Pomodoro after completing the task !! This helps us in evaluating our performance and gives us mindfulness and motivation in moving ahead.

How can Pomodoro help the teaching and learning community? 

Most of the time when a student feels that a topic is very difficult to learn and they may feel like skipping the portion and going for simple topics or just not studying the subject itself.

What stops them from taking the initiative to study is a feeling of uncertainty in completing the portion. At that time the Pomodoro technique can be used as the right tool. Studies have shown that breaking down complex tasks into smaller ones helps to make them more approachable. So once the first step is taken the person attains momentum to complete the task with great enthusiasm.

 Teachers are one of the best multi-taskers. Handling a number of tasks simultaneously is always a cakewalk for them. At certain times they get exhausted after working for long hours. In such cases, the Pomodoro technique can act as a stress breaker which helps them to get proper breaks and organize the task easily.

Also with the help of Cloud-based LMS teachers students can do their academic work from anywhere. So at any time, they feel like studying or doing a task. They can easily access the content, set a Pomodoro, and get the task done. Also, LMS helps them to keep a track of the works such as a list of tasks assigned, completed, and uncompleted works.

Let it be work, study, or anything else you want to do.

Don’t wait anymore, start now with Pomodoro, and let’s see how easily you can simplify your Herculean tasks.!!

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