We are all adapting to a life with COVID19.  It is a fact and is likely to be in our lives at least for some time. Like every brand of education, the coaching and training sector is also affected heavily by the pandemic. From small-scale tuition and exam coaching institutes to larger establishments over multiple doctrines and locations are all affected alike.

In response to the overwhelming demands and requests from the education industry, Linways has created a lighter version of our Learning management system that relates directly to such coaching/training institutes. This article covers how Linways LMS can help you manage and run virtual coaching institutions.

Here’s what makes Linways the perfect option for coaching institutions.

Class Management

Linways LMS essentially creates a virtual subject community. The teacher when selecting a batch he/she teaches is like entering the classroom where they can see all the students in that batch. From there, every relevant data metrics related to that batch can be accessed including attendance records, performance graphs, etc. You can easily create and manage student batches, assign teachers, measure batch performances, etc.

Student Management

With Linways LMS it’s easy to monitor and manage student activities just as in an institution. The teacher or the management can track the attendance, take detailed insights from performance analytics, and make informed decisions using relevant data from all across the academics department.

Exam Management

Assessments and exams are one of the major challenges of coaching/training institutes face while going online. Linways eliminates that challenge by introducing a turnkey exam management module. Conduct online examinations, create question banks, generate question papers, and monitor the exams with real-time data on the platform. You can also publish results and create leaderboards through the platform.

Online Assessment

Online quizzes in which the teacher can open up for the students on a predetermined timeline and the students can attend the quizzes from within the platform. The questions can be randomly chosen from a question bank and the results can be published automatically.

Online Communication module

Message box through which the teacher can share important messages, and links to video conferences with the students. Students and teachers can be online at the same time, and come together for online discussions through the online discussion forum. Linways also provides a mobile app with push notifications. So the platform also acts as a personal assistant that reminds you of class timings, exam schedules, assignment deadlines, etc.

Course material distribution

Upload and share course materials using the platform. Students can access them from their accounts. This allows teachers to keep their students informed and updated all the time. There’s also the added advantage of having everything organized and accessible in one location. Your teachers or students don’t have to use multiple tools or solutions for communication, document sharing, etc.

Online video content library

Upload lectures and related videos to cater to flipped learning in your digital classrooms. The students and teacher can lead a discussion based on the topic being covered in the video.

From what we have seen with the COVID 19 so far, it’s obvious that education won’t be the same after this. Adopting technology to assist teaching-learning will be the norm. However, the crucial element to remember is the type of edtech that you should integrate with. Because sometimes a mere online course platform may not be enough to maintain the whole structure and sustain the model. We also need tools or platforms that are powerful enough to help run entire institutions virtually.

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